Toward A Performance-Oriented Architecture: An integrated design approach to a real-time-responsive structure

This project started from the study of “performance-oriented architecture” for the purpose of developing a real-time-responsive prototype that can enclose large expansive interior space. Questions regarding the relationship between the structural arrangement of systems and the natural environment initiated an investigation in Phyllotaxis. It has been found in plant systems for the optimization of photosynthesis with harvesting maximum amounts of solar energy. In the design of a real-time-responsive prototype, an algorithmic approach is introduced with the mathematical interpretation of Phyllotaxis and its translation into the global geometry of the prototype. Also, the usage of a Voronoi diagram is parametrically configured to form the local geometry of the prototype. The interactive mechanism of the prototype was achieved with an assorted computational application. Furthermore, with the demonstration of the aforementioned prototype in both digital and physical environments, its implementation process is explained.