SoA Values in Practice


DESIGN EXCELLENCE – We demonstrate this value when we:

  • Approach our work with curiosity and an open mind.
  • Engage in thoughtful, disciplined analyses to gain greater understanding about complex patterns and systems.
  • Synthesize ideas, finding new relationships and connections, and producing new creations.
  • Set high standards for ourselves and achieve them through creative problem-solving, exploring possibilities, and taking risks to determine what is possible.


VISIONARY – We demonstrate this value when we:

  • Share new ideas and pose new questions.
  • Have keen eyes and a sense of who and where we are.
  • Take a critical look at our practice and desired outcomes, and push ourselves to new and greater challenges and broader professional connections.
  • Develop and integrate new technologies and adapt to changing environments.
  • Build upon existing concepts and find new insights, pushing beyond the status quo to anticipate future risks and challenges, seeing opportunities beyond the present, and engaging others to pursue them.


RELEVANCE & IMPACT – We demonstrate this value when we:

  • Provide empathy and compassion for the people around us.
  • Are able to successfully navigate our programs, learn, and find application in the public sphere.
  • Capitalize on the uniqueness of our setting, location, host culture, and geographic location, ensuring that our work is significant at local, national and international levels.
  • Generate and amplify excellent designs, growing from small projects to broad applications, generating viable solutions to complex challenges.
  • Have the knowledge and adaptive skills to disrupt the status quo, when appropriate, and address critical societal, cultural and environmental needs, leading the next generation of change in architecture, landscape architecture and related disciplines.



  • Are able to clearly express what we bring to the table in collaborative relationships.
  • Involve stakeholders in the design process, allowing them to collaborate on the design generated.
  • Collaborate and communicate for the best quality design and its synergic outcomes.
  • Seek out and risk working with people who have perspectives different from our own, respecting and learning from their fields of knowledge, and trusting that, together, we can address increasingly complex problems.