Lifelong Learning

The School of Architecture is committed to the principle of Lifelong Learning. The practice of designing our environment (including Architecture and Landscape Architecture) demands lifelong education and is viewed as a shared responsibility between academic and practice settings.

Lifelong Learning includes the areas of Continuing Education, Professional Education, Executive Education, Distance Learning and much more. Using these principles, the School of Architecture recognizes the challenges facing our built, natural and human environment and expects to play a major role in the coming years to address the challenges of lifelong education to affect positive change. Much of this area is under further development within the School and will be updated on a regular basis. Please check back and feel free to contact us should you have suggestions.


The School of Architecture has an active lecture series during the academic year which offers AIA CEU on site.

Often lectures (by faculty and guests) are localized and occur as part of the classroom setting. The School anticipates allowing access to some of these presentations online that may be either live or recorded. Many will have AIA CEU available. Some will be without charge and others may have a small fee to help support the program. View our News & Events page for the latests events.


There have been a number of workshops offered by the School of Architecture throughout the years.  They are an essential part of Lifelong Learning and contribute to overall knowledge of our environment.  As we develop and engage in workshops, we will post them below in the Lifelong Learning Events page. This may include others within the University of the Profession which where the School of Architecture is not a sponsor.


Seminars are a critical and important part of learning.  The process requires full participation by all in attendance.  They may occur through face to face engagement or distant participation.  Some may be part of classroom, while others may be focused on specific issues.  Often specific outcomes will be expected along with participation.

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs recognize the added time and commitment to achieve a Lifelong Learning area of focus or specialization.  These programs may be offered face-to-face, distance or a combination of both.  It is expected these programs will be fee based and/or have sponsorship in order to offer a quality based course sequence to all who participate.

Other Opportunities

The School of Architecture recognizes there are opportunities for lifelong learning yet to explore.  We are committed to embrace such challenges and look forward to working collaboratively to affect positive change.

Lifelong Learning Events

Contact Information

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