Simon M. Bussiere, ASLA

If my students walk away remembering only two things from my teaching, it would be that Charles Darwin mentions “love” many more times than “competition” in The Origin of the Species, and that many of my current freshmen students will retire around the year 2070. I want them to wonder, what type of world will exist then!? How should we prepare for that future? And how can we work together to imagine and realize that future today? With that in mind, my teaching pushes students to work collaboratively and to design for the future – to see him or herself as part of a community, as part of a system, and as a change-maker.

Research & Creative Work

Areas of Interest

Ecological Urbanism
Design Communication
Design Pedagogy
Beginning Design


Registered Landscape Architect. Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. AILA #14950

Professional Experience

2016 – current
Principal Investigator, UHCDC

2015 – current
International Landscape Architect & Team Leader
Landworks-Sardinia & LWCircus, Florence | Mexico City

2013 – current
LANDMASS Research & Design Collective

2009 – 2010
Landscape Architect
AECOM Design + Planning | Melbourne, VIC Australia

2008 – 2009
Landscape Designer
Estudio Teddy Cruz | PARC Foundation | NYC, NY & Granada, Nicaragua

2008 – 2009
International Community Service Fellow
Harvard University | Cambridge, MA and La Prusia, Nicaragua

2005 – 2013
nativespace: design/build lab | Shutesbury, MA USA