Kevin Nute, PhD

I see a key part of my role as a teacher as helping designers to make use of the most important qualification there is for creating habitable built environments … their humanity.  This is what connects us to those we design for, and I believe it is essential to all building that aspires to be architecture.

Research & Creative Work

Professional Experience

Professor of Architecture, University of Oregon (2007—2019)
Visiting Research Fellow, University of Queensland, Australia (Oct—Dec 2009)
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellow, University of Tokyo, Japan (Aug 2005—July 2006)
Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Oregon (2000—2007)
Visiting Teaching Fellow, University of Tasmania, Australia (August 1997)
Associate Professor of Architecture, Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan (1996—2000)
Japan Foundation Research Fellow, University of Tokyo, Japan (Jan 1995—Jan 1996)
Part-Time Lecturer in Architecture, University of Cambridge, England (1993—1994)
Course Director, University of Cambridge Board of Continuing Education, England (1993—1994)
Supervisor in Architecture, Jesus College, Cambridge, England (1990—1993)
Monbusho Scholar, University of Tokyo, Japan (Oct 1988—March 1990)
Visiting Research Associate and Fulbright Scholar, University of California, Berkeley (Oct 1986—May 1987)
Architectural Designer, Percy Thomas Partnership, London, England (1986)
Architectural Designer, Richard Seifert and Partners, London, England (1985—1986)
Architectural Designer, Archiplan Team, Singapore (1983)
Architectural Designer, YRM International, Hong Kong (1982—1983)

Recent Publications

Kevin Nute (2024). Frank Lloyd Wright and Japan Revisited. London: World Scientific.
Kevin Nute (2023). Embodied Time: Temporal Cues in Built Spaces. London: Routledge.
Kevin Nute (2021). The Constructed Other: Japanese Architecture in the Western Mind. London: Routledge.
Kevin Nute (2020). This Here Now: Japanese Building and the Architecture of the Individual. London: World Scientific.
Kevin Nute (2018).  Naturally Animated Architecture: Using the Movements of the Sun, Wind and Rain to Bring Indoor Spaces and Sustainable Practices to Life. London: World Scientific.

Academic Papers

Kevin Nute (2023). “The Architecture of Expectation.” Architecture. 3 (4): 671-680.

Kevin Nute (2023). “Space and Time.” Architecture. 3 (4): 593–595.

Kevin Nute (2021). “Time in the Traditional Japanese Room.” The International Journal of Spatial, Architectonic and Environmental Design 16 (2): 16–24.

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Kevin Nute (2021). “Beginning at the End: Visualizing User Experiences in the Early Stages of Building Design.” The International Journal of Design Education 16 (1): 55–66.

 Kevin Nute and Zhuo Job and Chen (2020). “Wind-Generated Movement as a Potential Means to Psychological Presence in Indoor Work Environments.” The International Journal of Design in Society, 14 (2): 31–38.

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Kevin Nute and Zhuo Job and Chen (2018). “Temporal Cues in Built Environments.” The International Journal of the Constructed Environment 9 (1): 1–18.

Invited Articles

Kevin Nute (2025). “Modernity and Tradition: the Western Gaze.” Ari Seligman, ed., Handbook of Modern Japanese Architecture. Tokyo: MHM/University of Amsterdam Press.

Kevin Nute (2024). “Spatial Politics.” Tamie Glass and Lindsay Graham, eds., The Importance of Space. London: Taylor and Francis.

Zhuo Job Chen and Kevin Nute (2024). “Architecture, Time, and Well-Being: Toward Transcendence,” Victor Counted et al, eds., Place, Spirituality and Wellbeing: A Global and Multidisciplinary Approach. Berlin: Springer

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Kevin Nute (2020) “Here’s How You Can Bring Nature Indoors When You’re Staying Home.” The PBS NewsHour, May 23, 2020.

Kevin Nute (2017) “How to Stay Calmer, More Alert and Save the Environment: Bring the Weather Indoors.” The Washington Post. August 14, 2017.

Kevin Nute (2017). “Frank Lloyd Wright Credited Japan for His All-American Aesthetic.”, June 8, 2017.


2023  University of Hawaiʻi Presidential Citation for Meritorious Teaching

2021  IRC Environmental Psychology Conference Best Presentation Award

2019  ELit Gold Medal

2018  Constructed Environment Award for Research Excellence, with Zhuo Job Chen

2018  Digital Book World Award