Judith Stilgenbauer, ASLA

Judith Stilgenbauer, ASLA, is a professor in landscape architecture and urban design. Her creative work in teaching and applied research focuses on the role of process, performance, and placemaking in ecological urbanism and public open space design across diverse spatial and temporal scales. Stilgenbauer’s recent design research has focused on urban land-water relationships and adaptive coastal resilience design.

Judith Stilgenbauer serves as Director of the Master of Landscape Architecture program. Stilgenbauer is a director on the national American Society of Landscape Architects’ Board of Trustees.

Research & Creative Work

Areas of Interest

Landscape architecture
Public open space design
Ecological urbanism
Sustainable urban design
Brownfield development
Landscape infrastructure

Professional Experience

Prior to beginning her first tenure-track faculty position at UC Berkeley in 2003, Judith Stilgenbauer had garnered recognition and gained substantial professional experience in Germany. She headed the Munich office of the Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architecture firm, where she played a lead role in numerous master-planning and realized urban landscape design projects. With her own studio, in which Stilgenbauer participated in urban/landscape design competitions in Asia and America, she was awarded first prize and the commission to design the 15-acre “228 National Memorial Park” in Chiayi City, Taiwan—a project that was opened to the public in 2012. Based on these prior professional experiences and her research expertise, in 2018 Stilgenbauer was awarded a combined $500,000 in grants to conduct two large-scale design research studies. As Principal Investigator in the University of Hawaii Community Design Center (UHCDC) Landscape Lab, she leads a research and design team in the work on the following projects: Lake Wilson Watershed Study with Wahiawa Freshwater State Recreation Area Proof-of-Concept Design (to be completed December 2019) and South Shore Promenade and Coastal Hybrid Open Space Networks: Resilience and Connectivity by Design (to be completed May 2020).

Judith Stilgenbauer is a member of the Architektenkammer Rheinland-Pfalz (Architects Association, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) and a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). From 2013 to 2014 she served as the President of the Hawaii Chapter of ASLA. Currently, Stilgenbauer is a member of the national ASLA Board of Trustees.


Professional license as landscape architect, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (No. 16389) since 2002

Selected Publications

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