DArch Accreditation Information

The School of Architecture at the University Hawaiʻi at Mānoa offers the following NAAB accredited degree program:

Doctor of Architecture

Track I: Pre-Professional degree in Architecture (126/120 credits + 90 graduate credits)
Track II: Non-Professional degree (120 credits min. + 108 graduate credits)

Based upon the review on 2018 NAAB Visiting Team Report (VTR), the Doctor of Architecture degree program was granted an eight-year term of accreditation. The next accreditation review visit will be held in 2026.

Grants 8-Year Term of Accreditation 2018 NAAB Architecture Program Report (APR) 2018 NAAB Visiting Team Report (VTR)

NAAB Conditions and Procedures

NAAB Conditions for Accreditation, 2020 Edition, February 10, 2020 NAAB Procedures for Accreditation, 2020 Edition, February 10, 2020 NAAB 2014 Conditions for Accreditation, effective April 1, 2015 NAAB 2015 Procedures for Accreditation, effective January 1, 2016 NAAB Program Criteria (Reference Page 5 (3.1)) NAAB Student Criteria (Reference Pages 6-7 (3.2))

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