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The pre-professional 4-year undergraduate degree program at UH Manoa, the Bachelor of Environmental Design (BEnvD), emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of architecture and provides a liberal arts and sciences education that takes full advantage of the greater university setting. An entering undergraduate student interested in architecture may choose from one of the six undergraduate concentrations leading to the BEnvD; construction management, historic preservation, interior design, landscape design, urban design, and architecture design.

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Professor David Rockwood's book Bamboo Gridshells, was published by Routledge, May 2015.

Professor David Rockwood's gridshell structure was included in Chris van Uffelen's book Bamboo Architecture & Design, published by Braun Publishing AG, 2015.

Professor David Rockwood with co-author Associate Professor David Garmire of the UHM Dept. of Electrical Engineering published A New Transportation System for Efficient and Sustainable Cities: Development of a Next Generation Variable Speed Moving Walkway in the journal Sustainable Cities and Society (published online Oct. 2014, print publication vol. 14 2015).

Professor David Rockwood, with co-authors Associate Professor David Garmire of the UHM Dept. of Electrical Engineering, and Newton Parks, UHM School of Architecture Doctor of Architecture student published A continuously variable transmission for efficient urban transportation in the journal Sustainable Materials and Technologies (published online Dec. 2014, print publication vols. 1-2, Dec. 2014).

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