BEnvD Student Learning Objectives

The Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) will provide basic understanding and a foundation for study in the Architecture field.

SLO1: Design Skills and Methods: Understand the variety of design methods and demonstrate ability in applying them to analyze contexts, formulate concepts, evolve multiple solutions, and critically judge final designs incorporating cultural, technological, aesthetic, and ethical concerns.

SLO2: Design Communication: Ability to use a variety of analog, digital, verbal, and written means to conceptualize, represent, and clearly communicate critical and complex design proposals.

SLO3: Design Technology: Understand materials, methods, and technological systems in environmental design communication and the construction of built environments, and be able to critically evaluate and apply them in final design solutions.

SLO4: Sustainability in Environmental Design: Understand and design projects that optimize, conserve, or reuse natural and built resources to provide healthful environments to users, and reduce the negative environmental impacts of building construction and operations on future generations.

SLO5: Interdisciplinary Problem Solving and Design Research: Understand and engage in collaborative interdisciplinary team-based research using appropriate methodologies in order to arrive at increased understanding and derive holistic and responsible environmental design solutions connecting to diverse technological, social, cultural, and environmental concerns.

SLO6: History and Theory in Environmental Design: Understand the historical and theoretical forces which impact current design thinking and provide critical insight into the shaping of cultural and social relationships, values, and decisions about the built and natural environment.

SLO7: Professional Practice: Understand the roles, methods, collaborative processes, and ethical considerations of the environmental