Alpha Rho Chi Medal,
National Professional Architectural Fraternity Award

Since 1914, Alpha Rho Chi, the National Professional Fraternity for Architecture and the Allied Arts, has promoted the profession of architecture by encouraging students to excel. To honor their achievements, the Alpha Rho Chi Medal is offered each year to over one hundred schools of architecture, whose faculty select a graduating senior they feel best exemplifies these qualities.

In 1931, the Grand Council of Alpha Rho chi established the Alpha Rho Chi Medal to “encourage professional leadership by rewarding student accomplishment.” The Fraternity provides the medal to selected schools of architecture throughout the country to be awarded to the graduating senior who has shown an affinity for leadership, performed willing service for the school or department, and gives promise of real professional merit through his or her attitude and personality. The Alpha Rho Chi Medal is awarded annually to a graduating senior at each NAAB accredited school of architecture, and schools where Alpha Rho Chi chapters exist, and is judged by the faculty of that school of architecture as best exemplifying these qualities.

The Alpha Rho Chi firmly believes strong leaders are just as essential as strong designers to the architectural professions. It is vital to our efforts to produce individuals committed to public service, as well as individuals committed to maintaining Architecture and the Allied Arts as noble professions. The Medal embodies all measures of leadership and service, including mertorious activity beyond traditional academic excellence.