Shigeru Ban, Volontary Architects' Network <br> 12/7/2023, 5:30pm

Shigeru Ban, the 2014 Pritzker Prize Laureate, is globally recognized for his innovative use of paper tubes in disaster relief construction. This lecture will provide an overview of Ban’s groundbreaking work, illustrating how he blends functional design with humanitarian efforts, and how Ban’s architecture extends beyond practical solutions to address emotional and social needs in times of disaster.


This lecture has been made possible through the generosity of Mr. Ban, who has graciously included this event in his itinerary en route to working on the relief project for Lahaina Jodo Mission. This international collaboration is spearheaded by the Voluntary Architects’ Network (VAN) led by Ban, in partnership with Lahaina Jodo Mission, Hawai‘i  Off-Grid Architecture and Engineering, Pacific Millworks, UH Maui College, and UH Manoa School of Architecture.