AIAS Hawaiʻi Launched the Upcoming Academic Year Full of Laudable Experiences

AIAS Hawaiʻi Team for AY 2022-23 kicked off with a fantastic summer 2022! Here is a brief update on their activities.

Farrington High School Outreach, May 28, 2022

Forty students from Farrington High School were invited to participate in an architecture/design workshop hosted at the AIA Honolulu Headquarters. AIAS President, Beau, and AIAS Vice President, Maleah, represented AIAS Hawaiʻi by carrying out a fun team-building interactive design charrette which included a short design lecture. Student teams were challenged to create the tallest tower, given a certain amount of materials, that withstood the weight of a bag of rice. The students were rivieted and developed great interest in architecture; they were successful in achieving the mission.

MCAH Golf Tournament, June 23, 2022

AIAS Hawaiʻi was invited to volunteer at The Mason Contractors Association of Hawaii’s 44th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament to raise funds for AIAS and support future relationships with professionals outside of the field of architecture. This was an all-day event that took place at the Pearl Country Club golf course where AIAS along with other volunteers and/or scholarship recipients assisted in setting up, running games, and tending to golfers in the tournament. At the end of the tournament, AIAS Hawaiʻi was presented with a $1000 grant during the tournament’s award dinner ceremony.


Roosevelt High School Summer Career Fair, July 1, 2022

Beau Nakamori and Daniel Luna, were invited to Roosevelt High School’s summer career fair to represent AIAS and the UH School of Architecture.  More than 60 Roosevelt High School students attended this career fair, which took place in the school library. Beau and Daniel engaged in vibrant and attentive conversations with the students which inspired them to pursue great things in the future.

HOMA Art Installation Volunteers, July 20 & 25, 2022

AIAS Hawaiʻi helped I-ON Group with an art installation at the Honolulu Museum of Art. This was a big endeavor in preparing Galleries 12 and 13 for an international artist Rebecca Louise Law exhibition, “Awakening.”  The artist is known for her use of natural materials and a focus on sustainability.  Volunteers help string flowers and cut wire.  Over a million individual flowers sourced from Law’s own recycled collection along with newly gathered Hawaiʻi specimens, comprising of about 15% of the installation, are strung together and suspended in the air, creating a hanging garden.  This was an exceptional hands on learning experience for all the architecture students involved.

AIAS 2022 Grassroots Leadership Conference, July 28-30, 2022

Three AIAS officers, Beau Nakamori, Hunter Wells and Raymond Lei, traveled to Washington, DC to participate in a 3-day AIAS leadership conference.  They took part in a weekend of chapter and personal leadership training, community building, and innovative content.  They interconnected with community leaders, advocates, architects, and other professionals, as well as colleagues from other institutions. There was a lot to learn and gather new ideas to bring back to Hawaiʻi to incorporate in their plans for the upcoming academic year.


Photos Courtesy of AIAS Hawaiʻi