2022-2023 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to the eleven architecture scholars who were named to receive scholarships generously funded by ten sponsors.  These scholars were awarded financial assistance to support their educational goals and to acquire their college degrees,

Mahalo to the many sponsors for their generosity which enables students to realize their ambitions towards a successful future.


AIA Honolulu Scholarship

Brandi Baligad

Beau Nakamori

Allen R. Johnson-Roy C. Kelley Architectural Travel Award

Riza Lara

Architects Pacific, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

Dalonian Perez

Castagna Architectural Scholarship

Beau Nakamori

Kaylen Daquioag

Maleah Reynolds

Kendal Leonard

Gilman Hu Honolulu Chapter CSI Endowed Scholarship

Logan Shiroma

HONBLUE Student Support Fund

Kaylen Daquioag

Leighton Liu Endowed Scholarship

Nguyen Thanh

PBR Hawaiʻi Scholarship

Delphine Homerowski

Richard Morris Memorial Scholarship

Yin-Shan Lin

UHSAAA Scholarship Endowment

Yin-Shan Lin

Logan Shiroma