DArch Student is Featured in UH “Finding Our Kuleana”

“Finding Our Kuleana” is a collection of stories of University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa students who are finding their purpose and sense of responsibility beyond themselves. They are creating, inventing, and changing the way they see and interact with our world. As a university, we are collectively and individually working toward finding our kuleana—our own sense of purpose and service—that we bring to our community, to our profession, to our students, to our campus, our planet, and to ourselves.

Beau Nakamori is creating solutions through built environments, addressing the needs and issues within his own community. He begins to understand that when studying architecture, it’s about people and experience; it is egoless. Great design connects to the site, to the people, to the issues that it is trying to resolve. Beau earned a degree in Environmental Design and currently in pursuit of a doctoral degree in the School of Architecture at UH Mānoa.

In February 2022, three versions of 30-second spot videos will be aired on Hawaiʻi News Now three TV stations.

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