2021 AIA Honolulu Student Design Awards: Shaping our Communities Through Design Excellence

63rd year of showcasing architectural designs by our community architecture professionals and students.  Let’s celebrate the workmanship of our students who succeeded to meet safety requirements, utilize sustainable and efficient methods and fulfill cultural and emotional needs.


Award of Excellence

Graduate My Tran: “Kaiwi Floating City.” With creative vision and intriguing imagination, this project demonstrates a thoughtful process for design solutions addressing climate change, global warming and sea-level rise

Honorable Mention & People’s Choice STUDENT Award

Undergraduate Team Taylee Kelly, Riza Lara, Thanh Nguyen, Haixin Ruan, Joy Edades, Jacy Yatsu : “Tomato Tomorrow.”   This project addresses food independence, environmental friendly measures and sense of community for Downtown Honolulu by incorporating vertical gardening, aquaponics and hydroponic concepts that repurposes spaces to create urban agriculture.

THREE Honorable Mention Awards

Undergraduate Kaimana Tuazon: “Hale Konuwaena.”  This design tackles cultural inequity, physical landscape challenges, and the general well-being problems on the Mānoa campus by utilizing open space designs and Native Hawaiian practices to support individual and community health.

Undergraduate Desiree Joy Malabed: “Hui O Le’ahi.”  This proposal introduces a multifunctional fitness studio and transportation hub concepts that incorporates the themes of health and fitness, to extend Leahi as a community gathering place.

Graduate team Moises Lio Can, Zaw Latt, Yaning Zhang, Ming Xu:  “Immersive Workplace.”  Encountering work/life challenges, this futuristic approach creates a built-environment that integrates public spaces, healthy environments and transformable spaces to face the challenges of the post-pandemic lifestyle.

The Award of Excellence is the highest honor which recognizes projects that exemplify excellence of architectural design on all levels of analysis.  The Honorable Mention responds to notable achievements in one or more project categories.

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