2021 HI ASLA Student Merit Award: Emily Sobolewski Knight

Project: Flowing into the Bishop
Student: Emily Sobolewski Knight, MLA Candidate
Course: Spring 2021 ARCH 652 Site Design Studio
Instructor: Simon Bussiere, ASLA

This first-year MLA site design studio project focuses on the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum’s campus. The guiding design principle is to create a new entrance that is transitional, sequential, and multi-functional. The proposed entrance is broken up into three zones: a pollinator garden, a dry upland garden, and a native cultural garden.

The design integrates shaded seating areas that are framed by native plantings and undulating berms, and that allow for pop-up exhibitions. The new entrance path blends into the surrounding planted spaces and grass berms, allowing for extended spaces of pause, while blurring the hard boundary between public and private. It becomes a gathering space for the adjacent community.