2020-2021 Scholarship Awards and Praxis Prizes

We are proud to announce the recipients of the 2020-2021 School of Architecture Scholarships and Prizes.  Twelve scholarship funds worth over $46,000 have been awarded to twenty-one architecture students.

These awards subsidize much of the costs students have for tuition, books and supplies; a few funds supplement student travel expenses. We are very grateful to our benevolent donors who continuously and generously support the architecture program and students.

AIA Honolulu Scholarship
          Christina Holcom & Coren Metcalf

Allen Johnson-Roy Kelley Architectural Travel Award
          An Guo & My Tran

Architects Pacific, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
          Angus Lin & Jordan Luo

Barry John Baker Scholarship
          Katherine Pananganan

Bergum Scholarship
          Zaw Latt

Donald Deer Memorial Scholarship Fund
          Beau Nakamori

Gilman Hu Honolulu Chapter CSI Endowed Scholarship
          Jay Moorman & My Tran

Leighton Liu Endowed Scholarship
          Makenzie Hild & Daniel Luna

PBR  Hawaiʻi Scholarship
          Jonathan Stanich

Richard Morris Memorial Scholarship
          Christina Holcom & Bingjie Li

UHSAAA Scholarship Endowment
          An Guo & Hieu Huynh

Praxis Prizes
          Stacey Villarino (1st place)
          Tammy Kelii Kapali (2nd place)
          Jonathan Quach (3rd place)

Here’s a glimpse of these recipients and their projects.
Scholarship Slide Presentation