Wendy Meguro honored by Blue Planet

Wendy Meguro has been honored by Blue Planet for her contributions in architecture to advance Hawaii’s journey to 100% clean energy. The “We Are 100” campaign includes stories of “people who don’t just have skin in the game, they have soul in the game.”

Recognizing that buildings are responsible for almost 40% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, Wendy inspires students to design climate-appropriate buildings that reduce fossil fuel energy use. Volunteering as a board member for the US Green Building Council Hawaii, Wendy encourages anyone interested in green building design to attend their annual conferences.

Blue Planet is a community organization creating sustainable models in Hawaii for global transformation from fossil fuels to renewable solutions. Wendy has dedicated her career to designing high-performance buildings that reduce energy use and for that reason, and many more, she is being recognized as a standout in her field.

We Are 100

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