Spring 2019 DArch & BEnvD Graduates

On the eve of the UHM Commencement Ceremony, Friday, May 10, 2019, family, friends and colleagues filled the School of Architecture courtyard in celebration of graduates completing their architecture and design degree programs.  The undergraduate BEnvD students were presented with a potted ohia plant symbolizing the idea of love in Hawaiian culture.  The graduate DArch students received a hard hat, as a tradition dating back to 1994 during the construction of the architecture building. Top ranking graduate students were recognized with awards for their excellence in architectural design research. Each graduate candidate was presented with lei by a representative of the School of Architecture Alumni Association.

Bachelor of Environmental Design (BEnvD)
Hiu Ki Au
Brandt Ben
Josephine Briones
Carl de Buzman
Logan Hiromoto
Edward Ho
Dongyan Jiang
Renz Carlo Laforteza
Creesha Layaoen
Benjamin Ngo
Rand Oshiro
Marc Pader
Daniel Young

Doctor of Architecture (DArch)
Mighty Binonwangan
Xiaotion Duan
Rubinson Intong, Jr.
Elena Lekhter
Masen Mactagone
Jay Moorman
Rollin Ritter
Alice Sandstrom
Mohuhano Tuikolongahau
Chunyu Wang
Qingyu Wang