2019-2020 Scholarship Awards
The annual School of Architecture Luncheon was held on April 26, 2019, at the Mānoa Grand Ballroom. Dean William Chapman welcomed honored guests and Keola Annino, a 2018-19 scholarship recipient, captivated the audience with stories of his experiences as an architecture student and the significant impact his past scholarship awards have made towards his career goals. This year, over $45,000 in scholarships were awarded to twenty-six scholarly students. Congratulations awardees! Warmest aloha and mahalo to sponsors and donors!

SCHOLARSHIPS/AWARDS                                                     RECIPIENTS
AIA Honolulu Scholarship                                                         Sharla Batocal, Connie Kwan
Allen R. Johnson-Roy C. Kelley Architectural Travel Award    Kristoffer Jugueta, My Tran
Architects Pacific Endowed Scholarship                                   Robert Kay, Ivy Tejada
Barry John Baker Scholarship                                                  Christina Holcom, David Liang, Jonathan Stanich
Bergum Scholarship                                                                  Moises Lio Can
Donald Deer Memorial Scholarship                                          Sharla Batocal
Fall 18 Praxis Prizes                                                                  Rubinson Intong, Jr, Elena Lehkter, Melise Nekoba
Gilman Hu Honolulu Chapter CSI Endowed Scholarship         Erin Chow, Angus Lin
HONBLUE Student Support                                                      Tian Feng, Jonathan Quach
Leighton Liu Endowed Scholarship                                           Micah Axalan, Coren Metcalf, Aelyssa Sabado-Macanas
PBR Hawai‘i Scholarship                                                           Matthew Higa
R. Richard Morris Memorial Scholarship                                   Janica Domingo, Khoa Nguyen, Valerie Ribao
UHSAAA Endowed Scholarship                                                Sydney Foster