Bridging Kalihi Featured in Drawing for the Design Imaginary Exhibit

Bridging Kalihi, a project by Christopher Songvilay for Draw Story Fall 2018 was selected amongst hundreds of entries to be featured in the Drawing for the Design Imaginary Exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA.

Drawing for the Design Imaginary was held in conjunction with the 107th ACSA Annual Meeting Black Box: Articulating Architecture’s Core in the Post-Digital Era and was curated by Jeremy Ficca, Carnegie Mellon University; Amy Kulper, Rhode Island School of Design; and Grace La, Harvard University.

As described in the catalogue, “This exhibition illuminates the subject of drawing as a robust pedagogical and discursive realm, revealing its steadfast yet continually evolving role as an essential instrument for the design imaginary. Exhibiting over forty drawings from around the globe, from different eras and representing diverse intentions, this exhibit invites renewed questions about the disciplinary potential of drawing.