The Work and Practice of the Miller Hull Partnership


Partner, Miller Hull Partnership

About Miller Hull

“The essence of their practice and the genius of their work, is collaboration. Whether it be among partners and staff, consultants and artists, client, the community – or the very materials of metal, wood, stone and glass – through which concept engages program and site – they choreograph a nourishing dialogue, which blossoms in a straightforward elegant architecture that delights the eye and elevates the soul. Enlightened stewards, equally faithful to their profession and the public realm, theirs is a model of best practice where nature is a co-equal giver of form, guiding the art and science of craft in the service of architects’ ultimate client, the Planet Earth.”

–          AIA 2003 Firm Award certificate


About Sian Roberts, FAIA, Partner

“Sian has been an integral part of the firm’s growth and rising national reputation, exemplified by its receipt of the prestigious AIA National Firm Award in 2003. From her first days in practice, Sian has committed herself to continual improvement of the design process, believing that a better process will further design excellence. Through the use of a variety of delivery and contracting methods, Sian has developed and shared techniques to drive high performing design and construction teams, she has expanded the role of architects into design of civic infrastructure, and she has driven sustainable performance through seamless team integration. This work has resulted in numerous award winning projects, validating that leading integration across disciplines leads to excellence in design.”

–        Miller Hull Partnership website 2019