The Albizia Project at Hawaii's Woodshow

This year Hawaii’s Woodshow is featuring The Albizia Project at the Honolulu Museum of Art School (HoMAS). The first full-scale structural arch of Protoype 1 is on display on the HoMAS lawn and a scale model is in the HoMAS lobby. This installation ties into the educational component of the event, as the structural arch was built during the Summer ARCH490 Digital Build course led by Joseph Valenti and Steven Hill.

On Sunday October 8th at 3pm, Joseph Valenti co-host a public presentation with Matthew K Lynch, UH System Sustainability Coordinator as the closing reception for the Woodshow. Refreshments will be served as they end with a discussion around the structural arch and scale model – admission is free.

Scale model in HoMAS Lobby

Initial lifting of arch at SOA

Summer ARCH 490 class at SOA