Design Exchange: Peace Memorial

Assistant Professor Karla Sierralta, together with her students: Calvin Bulan, Jason Hashimoto, Khan Meyer, Valerie Ribao, Malu Stanich and Morgan Wynne traveled to Japan and participated in a cultural and academic exchange with the Nagaoka Institute of Design. Students from both institutions collaborated and presented design proposals during an intensive two-week workshop that took place in both Nagaoka and Honolulu. The exchange was rooted on the recent commemoration of the 70th anniversary of peace between the nations of Japan and the United States and focused on the design of a dual physical memorial for sites in both cities celebrating this friendship and paving the way for future generations to embrace world peace.

NID Professor Seisuke Watanabe explains the sites in Nagaoka

Students collaborate during design workshop in Japan

Students present their design work at NID

Final student presentations at Charlot House in Honolulu