2016 Spacial Explorations Design Competition

1st year BEnvD

The first year basic design studio displayed over 500 models that explored a variety of materials, volumetric operations and spatial qualities for the inaugural “Spatial Explorations Design Competition”. Each student presented one drawing, eight models and a brief description of their investigation. A jury of guest critics selected three noteworthy projects. The first prize was awarded to: “Square Splendor” by Reid Kaneshiro. Nathan Nishimura received the second award with his project titled “Flux” and “Incomplete Cubes” by Sean Nada received third prize.

The students were guided by Assistant Professor Karla Sierralta together with Teaching Assistants Vincent Au, Matthew Kubota and Jayna McClaran.

SierraltaDesign CompetitionIMAGE1.png

Selected Student Models